Our Community Residential Hospice

What is a community residential hospice?

A residential hospice is where end-of-life care is provided in a home-like environment for individuals who cannot remain at home because their needs exceed the care that can be provided by family and friends, and who do not require (or do not want) the acute care provided in a hospital setting. A residential hospice meets the needs of people who have difficulty coping at home, who may not have caregiver support, or those who choose not to live out their final time at home.

All hospice services are provided without charge.

Where is the community residential hospice home located?

Our three-bed residential hospice home is located at 40 Downes Avenue in Picton, Ontario.

Who will this facility serve?

Our community residential hospice is a comfortable home-like setting for individuals who are approaching the end of their lives and can no longer remain at home. We provide palliative care designed to meet the needs of the individual, as well as his or her family members. Individuals who come to our residential hospice will enter a home-like environment, where caregivers will be able to spend quality time with their loved one with peace, privacy and dignity.

At a symbolic level, the hospice is a home. At a functional level, it is a home, a care facility, and a workplace. It is also a community meeting place, a place of celebration of lives lived, and a place of sharing knowledge and stories.

The Hospice features private furnished rooms with ensuite washrooms, comfortable common areas, kitchen facilities, access to an outdoor patio and gardens, a children's area, and administration offices.

The Residential Hospice services the catchment area of Prince Edward County, which encompasses a rural population of approximately 25,000 residents. As with all funding from the Ontario Ministry of Health, there are no boundaries when it comes to access to healthcare in Ontario. As an example, any resident of Ontario can walk into any hospital emergency room and will be eligible to receive services. Admission at our home is open to any individual living in or outside Prince Edward County, when there is a bed available.


News Release November 17th, 2012